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BowlsWales is the co-ordinating body for the game across Wales.

Our role and aim is to promote the vision that bowls is a lifetime sport for all and, as a result, make it an inclusive sport that provides an opportunity for everyone to be involved.

At BowlsWales our mission is to raise awareness and participation of our fantastic game.

We want to showcase our local clubs all across Wales, encourage more people, both young and old, to start playing bowls, and celebrate the national and international achievements of Team Wales.

Playing bowls will help you stay fit and healthy, make new friends in your community and, most importantly, have fun!

BowlsWales Organisational Structure


Groups Explained

BowlsWales have two nominated Groups that have responsibility for planning and managing their specific areas these being, Performance and Development and Communications.

Whilst each group have different objectives, they are all interlinked by their purpose which is to see the game flourish in Wales and to achieve our ambition of dominating the world stage.

The individuals that make up the Groups all kindly volunteer their time and expertise.

If any roles become available on a Group we will place an advert on the website and include it in the newsletter. In the meantime, if you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact BowlsWales.

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The Development and Communications Group will work to enhance the image and profile of Bowls in Wales. They will lead and inspire the growth and development of bowls by promoting the sport in a positive and inclusive manner via all the recognised channels of communication and will work with clubs, coaches, umpires and officials of the game.  We will ensure a welcoming environment to attract new people to the game, which fulfils expectations. Alongside this we will develop the interest and enjoyment of those currently involved.

We want bowls in Wales to be inclusive and welcoming to all. It is the role of the Development Group to work with those involved and provide opportunities for all, so that individual expectations are achieved.

To achieve this ambition the Performance Group will provide management and planning expertise.

We will develop and implement the BowlsWales Performance Programme to ensure Welsh Bowlers continuously maximise their performance potential.

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