Across the next 2 months, the Welsh Indoor Squads will be busy competing in the BIIBC International Series. The Ladies U25’s International series will be held on 11th and 12th February. The Men’s U25’s International series will be held on 18th and 19th February. The Ladies International series will be held on 10th -12th March while the Men’s International series will be held between 16th and 18th March.

Welsh Men’s International Team 2022/23

The Welsh team to play in the BIIBC Senior International series in March has been announced.   Welsh Indoor Bowls Director of Bowls, Steve Jackson has largely kept faith with the team that played in the last series in October.   Experienced international players Steve Harris and Owain Dando, both of the Blaenau Gwent club are recalled to the side and Rhys Jackson of Islwyn makes his debut at this level.

Lead  Rhys Colwill (Port Talbot)                   Lead Mike Jackson (Heatherton)

2nd  Carl Wood (Islwyn)                                 2nd Luke Harwood (Merthyr)

3rd  Damian Doubler (Cardiff)                      3rd John Roberts (Heatherton)

Skip  Dan Salmon (Cardiff)                            Skip  David Kingdon (Heatherton)

Lead Ben Matthews (Port Talbot)                 Lead  Jordan Davies (Cynon Valley)

2nd  Liam Stone (Cynon Valley)                    2nd    Rhys Jackson (Islwyn)

3rd    Dai Prosser (Cynon Valley)                   3rd    Ian Henderson (Islwyn)

Skip  Jarred Breen (Cynon Valley)                Skip  Ross Owen (Cynon Valley)

Lead  Lee Daniels (Port Talbot)                     Lead  Ryan Davies (Radnorshire)

2nd   Mark Lewis (Islwyn)                               2nd  Kristian Crocker (Islwyn)

3rd    Mark Harding (Cardiff)                          3rd  Owain Dando (Blaenau Gwent)

Skip  Steve Harris (Blaenau Gwent)              Skip  David Harding (Cardiff)

“Despite the disruption caused by a couple of dropouts ahead of the October series, the team generally performed well and were competitive across the three games.   This selection is a reward for those performances and hopefully brings some consistency and continuity to the team.   Steve and Owain have experience of competing at World and Commonwealth Games level and being able to bring in players of that quality can only strengthen the team.”

“I’m looking for more of the same in March and I’m confident that the team will be able to build on their performances in Belfast, once again under the captaincy of Ross Owen of Cynon Valley.”

Welsh Ladies International Team 2022/23

The Welsh team to play in the BIIBC Ladies International series has been announced. With the Welsh Indoor Bowls Ladies Team Manager, Roger Harvey go on to say ‘I am super excited by the team we have selected this year, which brings some CWG experience. The recalls of Sara Thomas, Ceri-Ann Glen add a different dimension to our style of play. With the new caps of Alis Butten and Sara Marie Nicholls added to the team I believe we can push holders Scotland and England all the way to the Clara Johns Trophy to be held at Abbyview’

Lead  Marion Purcell-Kidney (Newport)                 Lead  Kerry Packwood (Newport)

2nd     Tracy Gowen (Taff Ely)                                     2nd     Steph Amos (Heatherton)

3rd      Anwen Butten (Bro Myrddin)                         3rd      Sophie Brain (Port Talbot)

Skip    Sara Thomas (Merthyr Tydfil)                        Skip    Amy Williams (Newport)

Lead  Lauren Gowen (Taff Ely)                                  Lead  Tegan Rees (Cardiff)

2nd     Olivia Jackson (Cardiff)                                    2nd     Alis Butten (Bro Myrddin)

3rd      Emma Gittins (Severn Valley)                        3rd      Jodie McCarthy (Port Talbot)

Skip    Emma Woodcock (Cardiff)                            Skip    Laura Daniels (Port Talbot)

Lead  Sara Marie Nicholls (City and County of Swansea)       Lead  Pauline Price (Merthyr Tydfil)

2nd     Melanie Thomas (Bro Myrddin)                                        2nd     Chloe Jackson (Cardiff)

3rd      Caroline Taylor (Severn Valley)                                         3rd      Denise Molan (Merthyr Tydfil)

Skip    Kelly Packwood (Newport)                                                 Skip    Ceri Ann Glen (Cardiff)


Welsh Under 25 Teams 2022/23

The Welsh team to play in the BIIBC Ladies Under 25 International series has been announced. Roger Harvey, the Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowls Team Manager quotes, ‘With this being a home series, I am excited with the team selected; it’s packed full of quality players. The two recalls of Jasmine Staton and Rebecca Williams bring back a lot of experience to the team which pushed Scotland and England last series and eventually losing out on winning the event by shot difference’

Lead Ffion Jones (Dinefwr)                                           Lead Seren Jones (Dinefwr)

2nd   Holly Deem (Newport)                                          2nd   Emily Lawrence (Merthyr Tydfil)

3rd  Jasmine Staton (Port Talbot)                                 3rd  Rebecca Williams (Llanelli)

Skip Jodie McCarthy (Port Talbot)                              Skip Lauren Gowen (Taff Ely)

Lead Tegan Rees (Cardiff)                                             Lead Anna Lawrence (Merthyr Tydfil)

2nd  Katie Dickinson (Heatherton)                              2nd   Lauren Viles (Merthyr Tydfil)

3rd  Alis Butten (Bro Myrddin)                                     3rd  Olivia Jackson (Cardiff)

Skip Katie Thomas (Bro Myrddin)                              Skip Sophie Brain (Port Talbot)


The Welsh team to play in the BIIBC Under 25 International series has been announced.   The team shows four changes to the team that played in the last series at the beginning of October.  There are three new caps, Owain Lebreton and Lewys Lavelle from the Islwyn club and Cory Davies of Merthyr Tydfil, all of whom have been promoted from last year’s Under 19s team, and Eric Hughes of Cynon Valley earns a recall to the side.

Lead Joe Coles (Cardiff)                                         Lead  Lewys Lavelle (Islwyn)

2nd Cory Bayliss (Cardiff)                                      2nd Nathan Rees (Merthyr)

3rd Eric Hughes (Cynon Valley)                           3rd  Joe Price (Rhondda)

Skip Ethan Humphreys (Merthyr Tydfil)           Skip  Rhys Colwill (Port Talbot)

Lead Owain Lebreton (Islwyn)                             Lead  Jack Mounty (Islwyn)

2nd  Oliver Witchell (Islwyn)                                2nd  Cory Davies (Merthyr Tydfil)

3rd  Chad Bowling (Port Talbot)                          3rd   Ben Matthews (Port Talbot)

Skip   Kristian Crocker (Islwyn)                           Skip  Ryan Davies (Radnorshire)

WIB Director of Bowls, Steve Jackson, said “The loss of 5 senior players from the last series is a blow, but is part age grade bowls and of course the flip side of that is that we have a chance to bring in several new players, who already have experience of representing Wales through our Under 18’s teams.   It also means that the average age of this group of players is just 20 years old and so the majority of them will be together for the next 4 or 5 series and the prospect of working with this group is something my Assistant Team Manager, Wyn Matthews and I are looking forward to.