BowlsWales in partnership with the National Governing Bodies (WBA, WWBA, WIBA, WLIBA, WSMBA, WCGBA, WBUA) have developed an Equality Monitoring Survey.

As a sport, bowls has the potential to be one of the most inclusive sports, allowing people of ages and abilities to engage with bowls. At present, there is a limited amount of data that exists in order to evidence the current makeup of the Welsh bowling community. BowlsWales and the National Governing Bodies are committed to making bowls accessible to all. To help us with this, we want to ask you some questions so that we can better understand the current representation of those involved in the game at all levels.

The link below will take you to the Equality Monitoring Survey which should take up to 10 minutes to complete. We are asking every individual within the bowling community to complete this survey so we can have a large pool of data to identify trends and the make-up of bowls in Wales.

If you require additional support in completing the survey, please contact either BowlsWales or your NGB Secretary;

Sophie Hancocks BowlsWales General Manager –

Hazel Wilson WWBA Secretary –

Terry Hopkins WBA Secretary –

Cath Harvey WLIBA Secretary –

John Phillips WIBA Secretary –

Wyn Jones WSMBA Secretary –

Pauline Lindley WCGBA Secretary –