Welcome to the new BowlsWales website!

We are very excited to launch our new website. We have worked hard to modernise our site and make it fully responsive. If you are at home on your laptop, at your local bowls club on your tablet, or having a quick browse on your phone to find out more about us, you can now access lots of information about bowls in Wales.

We have developed clear navigation, so users can find their way easily around the site. We also have a new Blog, which will be updated frequently to showcase all of the news, events and achievements of the many bowls clubs across Wales.

Our new website has been designed around the identity of BowlsWales and its logo in 2017 – the site aims to provide information about bowls in Wales in clear, modern language, to appeal to both existing players and attract new players to our wonderful sport!

We hope you enjoy browsing our new site. Please subscribe to our regular newsletter to keep fully up to date with all of the exciting events, competitions and announcements coming from BowlsWales soon.

Thank you for your support!

The BowlsWales team.