It is important to promote your club within the community and beyond to ensure you recruit new members and visitors.

Mass Audience Events and Festivals

BowlsWales and the National Governing Bodies support and encourages Bowls clubs and organisations to become highly visible in the local community. We suggest clubs look to attend local event such as a fete, summer festival, sports day or even a shopping centre.

Open day/Taster session

BowlsWales and the National Governing Bodies are calling all clubs to run fun open days/taster sessions to help promote bowls as an inclusive sport and providing opportunities to anyone wanting to try the sport and potentially take up the sport for life. Here is a Open day action plan to help with organising and planning the event.

Equipment and Promotional material available loan Free!

BowlsWales has equipment and promotional material that organisations such as local authorities and bowls clubs can hire free of charge. For further information or to hire equipment please contact us

Promotional resources

There are a variety of posters to choose from depending on the target market which can be downloaded below.

National Campaign Short Mat WELSH-06 (2)
National Campaign Outdoor WELSH-W (2)
National Campaign Female Outdoors-W Eng (2)
National camp INDOOR (2)


Bowls 4 All- Promotional Campaign

Indoor Bowls Poster

Play our sport- Promotional Campaign

Lawn Bowls Poster

Health- Promotional Campaign

Safe to Return- Promotional Campaign

Short Mat Poster


Images to use for Social media

Local Authority Contacts


Useful tips from WWBA -Alis Butten:

  • Using a mobile phone is fine to film on - ensure shooting in landscape not portrait - don’t cover the microphone with your hand/finger!
  • Establish the scene - Open the video with a shot of the club/green/welcoming gates
  • When filming - if outdoor try to pick a day with minimum wind (unless you are lucky enough to have audio recording equipment). Wind will interrupt your subject speaking massively and might make it unusable - if you can't help that it's a windy day - try to film any audio inside or in a shaded spot.
  • Also, regarding audio - if you don't have external microphones and just using a mobile microphone - the person filming needs to be silent (otherwise you get very heavy breathing masking over the whole video - not ideal)
  • Try to keep speaking to a minimum - preferably have more than one person explaining your club rules otherwise it makes the video too repetitive.  And to stand in different places if possible, to expose as much of the clubhouse/green/Stadium as possible in a short video.
  • Rules and information need to be very stripped down > because you hope that someone not already in bowls will watch the video and still understand.

Good Example Video