BowlsWales is committed to making Bowls a safe sport for all its members.

Promoting your Club

It is important to promote your club within the community and beyond to ensure you recruit new members and visitors.

Mass Audience Events and Festivals

BowlsWales and the National Governing Bodies support and encourages Bowls clubs and organisations to become highly visible in the local community. We suggest clubs look to attend local event such as a fete, summer festival, sports day or even a shopping centre.

Equipment and Promotional material available loan Free!

BowlsWales has equipment and promotional material that organisations such as local authorities and bowls clubs can hire free of charge. For further information or to hire equipment please contact us

Promotional resources

Promotional resources are available for clubs to use free of charge. There are a variety of posters to choose from depending on the target market. These are available in a hard copy format as well as an editable email version which can be downloaded below.


Bowls 4 All- Promotional Campaign

Play our sport- Promotional Campaign

Health- Promotional Campaign

Safe to Return- Promotional Campaign