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Stroke Survivors use Bowls as recovery

Stroke survivors throughout Wales can now turn to the sport of Bowls on their road to recovery This follows the announcement of a new partnership between Stroke Association Wales and BowlsWales to put stroke survivors in touch with their local bowls club to learn the sport – and take more steps on a return to better health. The formation of Stroke Survivors groups, learning and playing the game regularly at a number of bowls clubs in Wales, is bringing people together to share experiences and learn a new skill at the same time. Ross Evans, the Stroke Association’s Head of
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Bowls reaching out to the Community

The need for clubs reaching out into community events has never been greater, and there are some great examples of this happening across Wales to promote our sport. At a recent ageing well event at the Grand Theatre in Swansea, organised by the Local Authority and partners, Swansea Indoor Bowls Club successfully hosted an information stand aimed at attracting new members. Complete with information leaflets, a set of bowls and pop up banners, their stand at the large event had a strong presence alongside organisations from the public and third sectors as well as community groups and projects. Two members
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