On Wednesday 8th June, Team Wales announced the 14 players  that have been selected to represent Team Wales in Birmingham this Summer.

Women’s Team Wales Commonwealth Games 2022

Anwen Button (triples and fours)

Laura Daniels (singles and triples)

Sara Nicholls (pairs and fours)

Caroline Taylor (pairs and fours)

Ysie White (triples and fours)


Men’s Team Wales Commonwealth Games 2022

Jarrad Breen (pairs and fours)

Owain Dando (triples and fours)

Ross Owen (triples and fours)

Daniel Salmon (singles and pairs)

Jon Tomlinson (triples and fours)


Team Wales Commonwealth Games 2022 Para’s & Visually Impaired

Men’s para pairs: Paul Brown and Chris Spriggs

VI mixed pairs: Julie Thomas (director: Mark Adams) and Gordon Llewellyn (director: John Wilson)


More information about the games and the players can be found here.