The Welsh Club Championship 2019 was held on Sunday 15th September at Grove Park BC, Rhyl.
This year the clubs were Coed Talon, Llay, Min Y Don and Blaenau Ffestiniog, all winners of their Area Cups. WCGBA President, Dave Mathias was our host along with Deputy Simon Walker and other Members of the WCGBA Management. The referees were DT Evans, Alan Davies and Arthur Peake.

It was evident from the start that Llay were up for a victory. In the first round they played Coed Talon. The first few games began evenly enough with John Bonatti and Ritchie Jamieson playing point for point. Eventually Ritchie broke through to win 21-18. At number two, Jordan Riley found Paul Hallett on form with Paul winning 21-9. Dad, Mike Riley, returned the honours by beating Ian Jones 21-9. At the half way point, Coed Talon had taken a slight lead. With the last four blocks, Llay made no mistake with Richard Zolman, Geraint Williams, Daniel Hughes and Jay Salisbury all winning their games quite comfortably.
End of round scores. Coed Talon 123 Llay 145

In the other match, Blaenau were unable to catch Min Y Don who only had two losers. Scott Todd in his game with Barry J Hughes and Andy Jones against Dylan V Jones had the toughest games. Both went to 21-20 in favour of Min Y Don. End of round score here were – Min Y Don 151 Blaenau Ffestiniog 133

So, the final was set between Llay and Min Y Don, with the playing order for both teams largely unchanged. Llay’s Paul Hallett found the Grove Park green to his liking with another 21-9 win over Rob Pierce. Scott Todd and John Bonatti enjoyed playing longer marks into the corners. Scott tried shortening the distance, but John was not for stopping and won 21-13. One of the most exciting games, was the last one between Jay Salisbury and Berwyn Williams. Jay led off well but Berwyn dogged him all the way, taking the lead and then losing it again. An unlucky shot by Berwyn, taking both his own woods off the green gave Jay a 19-16 lead. Jay eventually won 21-18. Llay only suffered one defeat in the final.
Scores at the end were Llay 157 Min Y Don 121

This was a lively and keenly fought competition with a good crowd and good bowling. Both Llay and Min Y Don go on to represent Wales at the World Club Championships next season.

The qualifiers ( Llay) and runners up ( Min Y Don) will go through to represent Wales at the World Club Championships next season.

The photos show the winning team with the trophy and our President, Dave Mathias and the runner-up team is in green/black tops.


Crown Green Championship