Bowls National Awareness Campaign

Bowls Awareness Campaign

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A month-long campaign between 14 June -14 July.

A month-long campaign between 14th June -14th July.

BOWLS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN is a National initiative to showcase and celebrate existing engagement with the bowls community and to promote new and exciting opportunities to help attract new members.

The awareness campaign has been developed by the National Governing Body Development and Communication Group. The groups mission for the Campaign is to drive forward in building the Bowls Profile within local communities and helping Grow club membership.

During the campaign we hope to see clubs opening their doors to people who want to try bowls through club open day/s or taster sessions.

Clubs can sign up here and receive the following:

  • Bowls-specific workshops to help run an open day/taster session and grow your club membership.
  • Club Action plan
  • Marketing material and resources for social media channels

Throughout the month we will also showcase bowls activities such as school bowls, club matches, county fixtures, elite training and much much more.

This a fantastic opportunity for us showcase bowls and encourage people join the bowls community. We hope as many clubs as possible will get involved, sign up below.



Who can get involved?

  • Clubs
  • Leagues
  • Local Authorities
  • Partners
  • Schools
  • Players
  • Umpires/Referees
  • Coaches
  • Parents/Siblings
  • Everyone

Leagues & Clubs

  • Include @BowlsWales in social media post & pictures and use the #BowlsAwarenessCampaign
  • Tweet good luck message to clubs and #BowlsAwarenessCampaign
  • Tweet RESULTS and #BowlsAwarenessCampaign
  • Promote open days/taster sessions, tag @BowlsWales and #BowlsAwarenessCampaign
  • Promote new age groups/programmes such as social bowls or family sessions and tag @BowlsWales and #BowlsAwarenessCampaign

Local Authorities, Partners & Schools

  • Support new bowls activities and promote existing activities. Tag @BowlsWales and #BowlsAwarenessCampaign
  • Help run schools’ competitions/taster sessions
  • Include @BowlsWales in social media post & pictures and use the #BowlsAwarenessCampaign

Coaches & Players

  • Include @BowlsWales in social media post and pictures and use the #BowlsAwarenessCampaign
  • Tweet who you are playing and tag @BowlsWales and #BowlsAwarenessCampaign
  • Tweet good luck message and tag @BowlsWales and #BowlsAwarenessCampaign
  • Tweet us your results and tag @BowlsWales and #BowlsAwarenessCampaign


  • Include @BowlsWales in social media post & pictures and use the #BowlsAwarenessCampaign
  • Inform us of what teams/clubs you support and #BowlsAwarenessCampaign
  • Tweet us and let us know where you are watching and #BowlsAwarenessCampaign


  •  Retweet @BowlsWales social media post & pictures
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Register your club's event here

Once you have signed up, you will receive access to marketing materials, club action plan and access to a workshop all aimed to help run a successful open day/taster session.

Bowls Awareness Campaign

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